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Dry Eye Can Disrupt Your Quality of Life

Experiencing dry, tired, or irritated eyes can be a huge obstacle to productivity and comfort in daily life. It can make concentrating on tasks like reading, digital messaging, or watching TV challenging. Fortunately, we can help you take steps for lasting relief with dry eye treatment.

Ensuring your eyes get the attention they need can help soothe symptoms in your daily life and help your eyes remain healthy for years to come. Book a dry eye consultation where we’ll discuss your needs and evaluate your eyes to develop your personalized treatment plan.

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Dryness or Dry Eye?

Tearing up after a dusty, breezy day or experiencing irritation during allergy season can cause temporary dry eye. But chronic dry eye is a disease that can cause various symptoms, including blurry vision, burning, grittiness, redness, and watery eyes.

Although dry eye disease cannot be cured, treatments for dry eye can help you effectively manage tear quality to restore comfort and prevent complications.

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The Risk of Dry Eye

Tears keep the eye’s surface clean, comfortable, and nourished. Like the rest of your body, your eyes function poorly when dehydrated. Your eyes can feel heavy, tired, and irritated. Blinking can feel uncomfortable. Chronic dry eye can also increase the risk of infections or corneal scarring, leading to impaired vision.

Dry eye treatment can alleviate symptoms and support your vision. When your eyes feel good, it can significantly change how you feel about your day. With an effective treatment plan, we can reduce your eye health risks and help you see comfortably.

Personalizing Your Dry Eye Treatment

When we work with you to recommend an appropriate dry eye treatment, we consider your eye health, daily needs, and long-term goals. We want to help you experience longer-lasting relief and achieve results that restore your quality of life. 

Your comfort and health may benefit from a combination of treatments. We can also offer tips for at-home care or solutions you can adapt to your lifestyle to protect your eye’s tear film (moisture layer). We’re dedicated to helping you feel and see your best.


LipiFlow is a treatment system used to gently warm and massage tear glands (meibomian glands) in the eyelids. The heat melts clogged oil (meibum), and the pressure helps the oil flow freely. The oily layer of tears helps the eye’s surface retain moisture and spread tears evenly across the eye.

LipiFlow is typically a 12-minute treatment with improvement lasting up to 12 months. Patients may need additional treatment sessions to achieve effective results.

Scleral contact lenses are custom-designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses. The larger-diameter lens vaults over the cornea, resting on the sclera (white of the eye). The fit promotes overall eye health by supporting oxygen flow and creating a moisture reservoir. 

Scleral lenses are often preferred for patients with irregular corneas, including keratoconus, but can also help relieve dry eye.

Tear glands in your eyelids (meibomian glands) produce oil (meibum) to prevent moisture evaporation. Keeping your eyelids clean helps ensure oil flows freely instead of being clogged by bacteria or debris.

Lid care can be crucial for patients with meibomian gland dysfunction or blepharitis, which can significantly contribute to dry eye. Eyelid scrubs or treatments can help stimulate oil flow and reduce eyelid inflammation to improve eye comfort.

The eye’s surface needs a healthy, consistent layer of basal tears to create the tear film—including the oily layer of tears, which keeps the eye’s surface smooth and prevents moisture from evaporating. 

Omega-3 fatty acids can improve the composition of tears and reduce inflammation, which can block oil flow. Supplements can make adding omega3-s to your diet easier, rather than relying solely on meal planning

Get Dry Eye Relief

Many people put up with eye discomfort, pushing through irritation, blurriness, and dryness. Around 30% of Canadians experience dry eye symptoms. At Lowy & Sewell Eye Care, we see our patients as more than a number. We want to focus on how your eyes feel and function, so you can focus on your day with the distraction of dry eye.

Reach out today so we can help personalize dry eye treatment for your vision needs.

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